Calendula Garden Design
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For most of us, our home is the only place we have to truly express ourselves freely and unleash our inner artist. It’s our unique and special place on this earth. As an extension of our home, the garden has the potential to be a living representation of our dreams, our place of sanctuary and self-expression. When thoughtfully designed, a garden is a celebration of color, diversity and life, created to feed our spirit and benefit the environment around us.

It’s important to consider how we impact the resources of the planet when creating our gardens. I advocate the use of organic and sustainable materials and practices and recommend the use of plants that thrive naturally in their surroundings.

I am committed to garden-making and urban beautification, one garden at a time. Each project, no matter how small, is an opportunity to improve a space, apply my creativity and plant knowledge, and get to know you. I strive to make my services affordable and tailor them to work with your budget and the scope of the project

My goal as a garden designer is to understand and help each individual I work with to create a cohesive garden that reflects their unique vision of beauty and functions as a restorative, inspiring and personalized space. Many years of trial and error in the garden and a devotion to the study of plants are resources I draw on to create each design.

I speak the language of plants and am here to help translate your ideas to reality. Let’s get started today.

Thank you so much, Karen. You are so wonderful to work with and extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. — JW