Calendula Garden Design

We are very happy we chose you to plan the landscaping of our front yard. You listened to what I thought we would like then with your knowledge chose plants that look good and that all seem compatible with one another. We are very satisfied with the result and have enjoyed watching as the plants settle in and blossom. We are looking forward to the coming years as the plants fill in. — MO

Portland Garden

The Design Process.

This is an overview of how the process works in general. There may be additional conversations and meetings that take place in between.

Poppy Initial Meeting - after an initial phone discussion, we meet on site to discuss your project. I send you a questionnaire to fill out ahead of time.

Site Measuring - measurements taken and site assessed to create a base map of your property noting any hardscape or existing plants that are to be retained.

Preliminary/Concept Plan Review - color plan options that outline hardscapes, bed shapes and plant ideas. We review all options to decide on final design elements. If you plan to work with a contractor, it’s recommended to meet with them after this review before the design is finalized.

Final Plan Review - Final plans are created based on decisions made in concept review. Usually includes hardscape plan, planting plan and plant lists.

Plant Procurement/Placement/Project Facilitation - I am available to assist in these areas to insure that the design we have created together is installed as we envisioned.